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 Tribe Recovery Services takes a Trauma Informed approach utilizing DBT, CBT, Peer Recovery Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, and a variety of recovery-based and life skills philosophies to support participants in healing their mind, body and spirit from addiction and become active, resilient and productive members of society. Evidence suggests that individuals in treatment for substance abuse respond favorably to these methodologies.

Level II DUI, Level Four Plus DUI Felony

Education and Therapy services have now been added along with our outpatient services. These services are not only provided to individuals who reside in the Tribe houses, but they are also provided to the community at large.  

Trauma Focused

Tribe Recovery clinicians are knowledgeable about trauma and trauma resolution. We have licensed clinicians that provide EMDR for those working toward trauma resolution.

Work and Gain Education &
Employment Skills (WAGEES)

This program helps to facilitate rehabilitation and reentry into the community upon release from the Colorado Department of Correction (i.e., those on parole). This program offers support and services for participants for up to one year. 

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program, individuals enrolled in our PHP program attend a minimum of 20 hours of clinical services per week for a two-to-four-week period. Individuals attend groups, individual therapy and peer coaching sessions.

Release Assistance
On Demand

Release Assistance is an even newer grant, Tribe Recovery Homes partners with Denver City and County jail to offer clients that are released from those facilities on two Tiers. First, to offer emergency housing and transportation and second, to do a follow up 5 days after their release to assist with any outreach and navigation requests.

Intensive Outpatient Services

Tribe Recovery’s outpatient program meets three times a week for a total of nine clinical hours per week. IOP is in the evening and individuals are encouraged to maintain employment during daytime hours

Pre-Trial Peer Connect

A grant funded by Caring for Denver where Tribe Recovery Homes partners with Denver City Pretrial, Second Chance Center in the City (SCCIC), and Denver Inner City Parish (DICP). Tribe Navigators are there to support clients from the time they get out of jail to offer emergency shelter options, backpacks with hygiene items, snacks, and bus tickets all the way up until they complete their conditions of Pretrial. 

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